We are a local, family owned, art studio. Traditional Paint & Sip social art classes are our specialty. We have a no-stress environment dedicated to helping you relax, have fun and enjoy tapping into your creative side! There is something for everyone and of ALL AGES (no experience needed.) BYOB for ages 21+. We also offer: Private Parties, Corporate Parties/Team Building, DaVinci Kids Camps, Pop-Up Kids Classes, Birthday parties, Fundraising, and more! We also have complimentary bottled water and a coffee bar! We hope you’ll join us soon!


Scott and Amy Brekke

Once upon a time in Minnesota a girl met a guy and they fell in love. They got married and had 5 children. Then when life was crazy they decided to add more crazy by moving from Minnesota to South Carolina where they knew absolutely no one. Life was great by the beach and they have been happy with their new home.

When the children got a little older and they could get away for a date, they would often go to this quaint little art studio inside a historical house in Charleston, South Carolina. There, they would laugh, talk, dream, and create beautiful paintings together. One day the girl was there with her daughter and after class learned that the artist was going to be selling the studio or shutting the doors if she could not find someone to take over. This was very sad news. When she got home, she told her husband and they both decided that if they wanted to continue to make beautiful paintings in their favorite little spot, that they would have to make this business their own!

So, the quaint little art studio was then passed down to the couple by a beautiful and generous soul who wanted her legacy For the Love of Art to continue through them. Now the girl and the guy are even more happy to share their love for art with others and offer them a joyous place for their creative spirits, to make memories with friends and family in this journey called life.